Venite a trovarci

Chi siamo

“ Il Meriggio” comes from the idea of Massimo, Giovanni and their
respective daughters Alice and Elizaveta, four florentine friends who share a
strong passion for the Tuscan territory and good cuisine.
Parents’ experience blends with daughters’ originals ideas, creating a unique
project, based both on tradition and innovation.
Il Meriggio wants to promote, in Italy and around the world, typical tuscan
products of the highest quality, made through traditional processes that take
place exclusively in Tuscany, using healthy and genuine raw materials. Other
essential purpose of the project is the promotion of the short chain.
Following a continuous research, our large selection of sweets and savory
products will allow you to bring to the table the true Tuscan flavors wherever
you are.
From the Chianti vineyards, to Maremmas’ hills, passing through Pistoia’s
mountains, the products of Il Meriggio will take you in a surprising culinary

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