Venite a trovarci

Pasta with Tuscan durum wheat

We firmly believe that the modern equipment used to obtain a food product does not merit such a valuable raw material but above all so delicate.

Currently at only 60 ° the structure of starch gelatinizes and becomes more difficult to digest.

Some essential amino acids, 40% of vitamin B1 and more than 50% of vitamin B2 are lost from the 80

But the temperatures used have now reached 130, and it is easy to predict what this can lead to, what is commonly called “thermal damage”, that is:



  • reduction in the biological value of proteins
  • destruction of thermolabile vitamins
  • low intake of amino acids
  • formation of undesirable products
  • change in organoleptic characteristics
  • increase in furosin
  • less digestibility, heaviness, drowsiness after
  • flattened taste and

That’s why the machines used are all low temperature, our production of short pasta has remained almost unchanged since 1950 and still lasts 12 hours minimum, a slow and expensive process that respects the integrity of the precious raw materials that we carefully choose.

All our pasta uses grains grown and ground in Tuscany.

In short, an “ancient recipe”, the same that made pasta a food known and loved all over the world.

Penne, traditional organic semolina



Gigli, traditional organic semolina


Fusilli, traditional organic semolina


Cenci, traditional organic semolina


Caserecce, traditional organic semolina


Grano duro
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