Venite a trovarci

Our products from Tuscany

The excellences of Meriggio fully reflect the wonderful Tuscan food and wine tradition, to allow you to enjoy all its flavor.

Meriggio presents Tuscan products that often come from peasant recipes of the past, simple and genuine thanks to which go back in time and live a unique culinary experience.

The ingredients used for the production of our Tuscan products are of the highest quality and come from the short chain, such as Tuscan durum wheat, Tuscan tomato, Chianina and Tuscan wild boar and extra virgin olive oil, to best express the flavors of this magnificent region and guarantee you the utmost goodness.

Lose yourself in the goodness of our carefully selected Tuscan products, including sweet, salty, wine, oil and vinsanto…

The goods can be seen by appointment in our showroom in Calenzano located in Via dell’Albereto 26-32. Call +393292208748 for more information.

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Fresh pasta

Our fresh pasta comes from small craft workshops that, over time, have preserved the traditional manual processing, using raw materials coming exclusively from the Tuscan territory, carrying on a processing cycle as similar as possible to that of homemade pasta

Pasta with Tuscan durum wheat

Our durum wheat pasta is made with wheat grown and ground in Tuscany, with a traditional slow drying process at 50 degrees for 12 hours. This is how Il Meriggio pasta comes to life, highly digestible, refined and with the unmistakable taste of a time.


Our sauces, coming from short chain, are produced with selected and certified raw materials, such as Tuscan Tomato, Tuscan Chianina meat, Tuscan Wild Boar and Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, following the oldest and traditional Tuscan recipes, just like those of Sunday lunch from grandparents.

First and second

A small, precious selection of first and second courses to be taken directly to the table without cooking, to better enjoy the ancient flavors of Tuscan tradition.

Patè - Spreadable for bruschetta

Our rich selection of patè and crostini is produced with top quality ingredients typically Tuscan, such as chicken livers and black olives from olive trees. Few, simple ingredients that make these jars small, tasty spreads on a slice of toasted bread.

In oil

Our careful selection of typical oils of the Tuscan gastronomic culture arrives directly on your table, with genuine ingredients of first choice


Our croutons, crumbly and tasty, are perfect to serve for an aperitif in company or to combine with soups, soups or main courses, thus giving a delicious crunchiness to your dishes.

Extra virgin olive oil

Our croutons, crumbly and tasty, are perfect to serve for an aperitif in company or to combine with soups, soups or main courses, thus giving a delicious crunchiness to your dishes.

Wine and Vin Santo

Our wines, produced from vineyards in the Tuscan hills, are perfectly accompanied by typical Tuscan dishes, from cold cuts to mature cheeses, from first courses to roasted meats and grilled meats. Wide and intense scents, round and enveloping taste, our selection expresses the best traditional characteristics of the best Tuscan wines. Our vin santo is a precious and particular product, fruit of the best bunches and soils, manually selected and withered to ensure the characteristic warm and enveloping taste.


Our jams represent the artisanal spirit of the past, the care in the choice of ingredients and processing. Sugars, used in moderation, give way to the natural sugars of the fruit, thus ensuring maximum authenticity. Perfect to spread on bread or for the preparation of tarts and other homemade cakes.


All our cookies are made with recipes that are born from the past and

Products with premium ingredients. All this to create something really irresistible from the flavor of yesteryear.

These are the cookies from Meriggio.

Organic honey

The Organic Honey of Meriggio is produced in the Alta Valbisenzio, in the heart of Tuscany. Beekeeping It breeds 150 beehives, with the certified organic method.

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