Venite a trovarci

Made in Tuscany

At the basis of Il Meriggio project there is the strong passion for the Tuscan territory, place full of tradition, including the culinary one, and it is precisely through food that we want to transmit this passion and create an unforgettable food and wine experience for those who will choose it.Eating is not only a primary and vital human need, but just like the French
photographer Jean Brunhes said, is “incorporating a territory”.
Food, the culinary and agricultural tradition, are an integral part of the experience of a place and therefore necessary to live it to the fullest. That’s
why we strongly believe that enjoying typical plates of the Tuscan tradition is
a unique and effective way to explore this beautiful region and, at the same time, create a connection with the territory and its strong identity, while not being physically in Tuscany.

Among our products, in fact, there are only Tuscan excellence, produced with healthy and genuine ingredients, from Tuscany short food supply chain, and processed according to ancient traditions, thanks to which you will immerse into a journey to discover the
most authentic flavors.

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